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About Us

Virtual Box, is a well established Digital Marketing and 360 Media Production company. Best of creative minds and technical acumen are at work to ensure superlative quality at a swift pace. We are operating with the unique blend of production keeping creatives strong but analytically managing the cost . We are unique yet universal with a style of our own. Virtual Box was set up in the year 2018, with the vision to serve everyone who were/are aiming to have wings to their startups, established brands or Successful Businesses. With the technical and creative arm at the back, VB is ensuring to set the expectations right from the idea level till the execution. Unlike the regular studio model, VB is dwelling into the crafts of craving new business models and welcoming young minds to determine the new age technology. With it's wide network of talents VB also is focused to keep evolving with the modern developments of the industry.

Virtual Box, is also one of the first studio in the production of film, print and visual material of beauty, fashion, advertising. The studio collaborates with an extensive team of artists, photographers and image makers providing full creative and innovative services (campaigns, catalogues, lookbooks, title designs, logos, brochures, coffee books, hoardings, social media ads, etc). VB, believes in exclusivity and offers personal consultation with highly qualified creative directors, photo-editors, image and video producers, story-boarders, graphic Illustrators, stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists and photographers, animators, story tellers, copywriters, etc.

Keeping the significance of our brand name, VB use's its experience and knowledge of professionals in a efficient way for the production of Visual Media, Brand management and Social Networking.

VB is also a known name for your digital marketing needs. From SEO to SEM, to ad words, to making presence across the search engines, and social media marketing - VB has all experts to carve your brand image.Virtual Box has a backend team at Lucknow and main business office at Mumbai.

Our Services

We at Virtual Box will help you to put together a great game plan that gives your organisation a sustainable competitive advantage. From building brand awareness through to converting sales, we’ll design the innovative media and content strategies to get you there.

The USP of VB is it's young, dynamic team who is bridging the gaps between the traditional approach of work and new age technology driven automated work.

"Just Delivery" is not our Mantra - but "Delivery with a memorable journey and serving clients like a family" is our motto.

Social Media Management

Make an impact by cutting through the clutter. Our social media management expertise will help your brand stand out via differentiated, powerful and impactful messaging. Virtual Box will weave engaging, tailor made cohesive digital media strategy which will turn prospects into customers. Engage and earn!!!

Event Management

Virtual Box provides end-to-end quality event management solutions.Be it corporate events, automobile launches, parties & weddings, experiential marketing, seminars and webinars or a large scale award show, we have the experience to make the right mark.Cost effective and tailor made, we will ensure you get the best of services which will meet all your creative needs with utmost precision and professional dexterity.

Ad Film Shoots

Let visuals do the talking. Thanks to vibrant efficiency, creativity and innovation, Virtual Box has carved a niche as a specialised service provider of cutting edge Ad Film Making. Helmed by experienced professionals with state of the art technical nuances, these films create impact across news channels, TV channels, OTT networks to augment brand visibility, the right way.

Line Production

Virtual Box will help you shape your dream. From paper to screen, all necessary boxes we will click with utmost professionalism and experience. Be it legal permissions, travel & stay, food & beverages, locations, set management, equipment, talent management to post production, we got all your filming needs covered. We help you roll, hassle free!!!

Digital Marketing

Go digital and target the right set of audience/customers with Virtual Box. We provide new age, innovative and dynamic digital marketing services that help businesses grow. Strong SEO, powerful content, chic website design would ensure rapid growth in this digital era.

Digital Display Vans And OOH Advertising

Make the right impression with Virtual Box Digital Display Vans and OOH Advertising. We promise visual appeal like no other. Innovative display and OOH solutions will help boost your brand image multi-fold.Our specialised services ensure geography, micro or macro targeting based on client needs and budgets.

Color Grading

Color Grading or DI (Digital Intermediate) is a process through which the colors of the film are enhanced to lend a rich and more aesthetically suitable look. We, at Virtual Box, specialise in this service and ensure a film looks more charismatic. We have the most experienced professionals and state-of-the-art set up ensuring superlative quality at affordable prices. Be it new or old films, we help cinema look better.

Design and Animation Videos

It’s the era of compelling storytelling via impactful animation videos. Virtual Box is India’s leading animation studio specialising in new age services like 2D and 3D animation, illustrations, portraits, storyboards, animatics, viral videos, among others. We are the go-to studio if you are looking to create compelling animation for impactful messaging. High quality product, experienced animators with state of the art infrastructure, we deliver the best with grace and grandeur.

Marketing and Data Analytics

Data is the new oil and we help next gen business owners and marketing professionals measure, track, segment size, quantify and map every strategy and trends for better business planning and growth. Armed with precise and relevant data provided by Virtual Box, spot the areas of growth and drive revenues.

Edit Offlines

Virtual Box specialises in the process of offline edits, a crucial part in video or film making where raw footage is copied and edited without impacting the original filming. Our seasoned professionals would ensure the edit work matches much needed cinematic visual appeal, leaving you gratified as a creator, guaranteed!!!

Concept Videos

Creativity is not easy, but at Virtual Box, we specialise in telling the story you want and make it visually appealing with a long lasting impact. Getting the right concept to send the correct product/brand messaging is key and it requires seamless co-ordination between multiple departments, like writing, camera, editors et al. We provide end-to-end cost effective concept videos solutions to create the right buzz. Try Us!!!

Real Estate Walk Through

Sell with a difference. The competitive world of real estate is changing and realtors today need state of the art latest marketing tactics to hit more sales. At Virtual Box, we use cutting-edge technology to create stunning 3D real estate walkthroughs. Our technology will help customers breathe and live every detail of the building. Let’s wow buyers with Real Estate Walkthroughs by lending them an immersive experience making them admire and adore your designs.

Media Consultation

Help us to help you grow. Times are changing and technological innovations are leading to new challenges and opportunities for businesses. Our expert consultants would ensure real time trend-tracked suggestions in all areas of media, tech and entertainment. Maximise profit and stay competitive with the formulation and execution of right strategy with Virtual Box.

Media Research and Strategy

Live your vision with Virtual Box. The only thing constant is change and as a business owner you will always have to stay a step ahead. AI, virtual reality, other techs are reshaping the world. Our expert data-driven research with ‘customer at the core’ focus ensures results that define your future. We know what works best for you. Let results do the talking!

Brand Promotions

You have to make the right noise!!! Be it online or offline, Virtual Box would ensure that our innovative promotional ideas create manifold demand for your product and business. We put the right message across, packaged enticingly enough to cut through the competitive clutter. Impactful influence to maximise profits.

Website Designs

First impression matters! A well designed and maintained website is the window to many business opportunities. It reflects your brand identity and should turn prospects into customers. Virtual Box’s expert team ensures that our designs, smart UIs/Uxs and strong SEO help you cut through the competitive clutter. Grow your business with our next-gen immersive impactful web design services.

Graphic Designing

What looks good, sells! It’s public knowledge that a well packaged product always sells more. A good product with the right packaging is a definite winner. Help Virtual Box grow your business and make the right impact by applying the apt aesthetic touch. Logo designing, package designing, brochure designing, flyers, business cards, newsletters and much more, we specialise in services which will make your brand stand out.

Logo Designs

Your brand identity is critical to your brand business growth. A well thought out and designed logo creates an indelible impact in the minds of the customers. Logos create brand trust and are a powerful marketing tool to boost sales via strong brand imagery. Be it 2D or 3D, Virtual Box has some of the finest minds to create logos that stand the test of time.


Capture your dreams with Virtual Box!!! Be it wedding, portfolios or product shoots, we have a pool of talented lensmen who create breath-taking images that will cast an indelible impression. Out of the box thinking, innovative, with dollops of tailor-made customer friendly ideas, our photography services is what you need for a perfect moment or business growth. Our experts will help you at each point to ensure a seamless experience.

Celebrity Endorsements

Virtual Box helps you add a touch of glitz and glamour to your marketing strategy. We specialise in creating campaigns where high-profile celebrities endorse your brand/product to make maximum impact and increase sales. Be it out-an-out brand endorsement, social media postings or event appearances, we help businesses leverage celebrity advertising to expand reach and amplify opportunities.

Content Writing

Let words do the magic. Virtual Box creates content that helps sell. Fine pool of writers and editors, we ensure high-quality articles and content management system to cater to all your needs. Be it business writing or marketing notes, we specialise across domains. We create powerful communication with the target audience in mind to ensure maximum impact and influence.

Visual Effects

Let us dazzle you with our superlative visual effects work. Virtual Box specialises in creating high-quality, innovative, cutting-edge visual effects for movies, advertising, promotional videos and more. Some of our services include special effects, motion graphics for live action, 2D and 3D animation, rotoscoping, compositing, matte paintings, green scene extraction among others. We have some of the most experienced creatives in the country who personally tends to every client’s need to ensure apt impact and influence.

PPC Services

Our razor-sharp PPC Campaigns help maximise ROIs. PPC is cost-effective way to have more impact in digital marketing. Our experienced team optimizes brand campaigns and drive revenue through intelligent data-backed decisions. PPC will help you generate viable leads which boost sales. By targeting relevant audience we help to increase our partner’s digital revenue by employing innovative, cutting edge PPC strategies.

Political Campaigns

Make every vote count!!! Virtual Box is one of the leading political campaign agencies in the country making the right pitch across different marketing platforms. Be it digital media trends to traditional advertising, Virtual Box helps in positive brand imagery with targeted campaigns leading to a greater rate of success. Website design, social media, SEO, SEM, viral videos, print ads, TV ads to ground branding, we believe in research and results.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I am very excited to work with Virtual Box for the digital campaign of my newly launched brand.. The assistance, strategy and servicing by the VB team match the best in international digital marketing agencies, which the customer will see for themselves once the brand gets launched.

Birla Open Minds

Bringing a visibility to a long standing popular brand was a very meticuloustask when Virtual Box team took the challenge.VB took on the onus of handling all the onerous situations single-handedly and analysing the competition holistically. I enjoyed working with the entire team at VB, whether it was the graphics,content or planning team - all worked diligently and painstakingly round the clock to deliver on time, within the budget and to the creative satisfactionfor the brand.

Master Pass

The work done by Virtual Box is one of the pillars on which our content strategy stands. Visually the quality of creatives makes a big difference with the interface designs and for the customer experience. I’m thankful for the support to the entire VB team and the collaboration between us will continue to create bigger-better projects and experiences.


I have had the privilege of working with some of the best Technicians in the world. I must say The Team VB stands as tall as any in the world. The Vision, The Dedication, The Talent and a never ending desire to make it better is absolutely unmatched.

Abhishek Bhatnagar
Director and Documentary Producer

The brand’s success story is said when a journey is full of emotional stints. My company was vigilant about many newbies who always commit for the unexplained work to be delivered in the unrealistic budgets and timelines. I’m thankful to the team VB and the set of designers, planners, marketers they have. Fortunately I’ve experienced the best of memories and time shared with the team. I would always come back for all my digital needs – big or small. They are reliable and cost effective.

Conversation Films

“One needs to focus on customers in order to create powerful campaigns and meaningful products” – Fortunately I got to experience this. Wonderful team at Virtual Box, while displaying the brand through OOH advertising not only showcased their strengths of handling the campaign but also was well coordinated so that the desired results are achieved in the spent money without wasting or incurring any additional costs.

Prabal Academy

The background graphics designed by Virtual Box was spectacular. The grandness of the show was visible because of the depth in the creatives ideated, designed and supervised by Virtual Box.


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